Iden-daddy Crisis

this guy is HILARIOUS!! and spot on w parenting…it is frustrating and makes you want to bang your head, repeatedly against the wall…

Dad and Buried

On Twitter, it is possible to create lists into which you can group and categorize the people you follow. As I’ve grown my presence there, I’ve seen myself added to more and more lists (you get notified when it happens).

Yesterday, I was added to one that was simply called “parents.”

And it made me a little sad.

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I have become unsure of myself…as depression sinks in, I think, “can this really be what my so called life is all about?”  My heart hurts each and everyday, unable to see or touch or hug my children…I know what I did to mess it all up.  I try to stay strong and “happy”.  I don’t know how much longer I think I can hold on.  The monster inside me wants to destroy any and everything–pain feels like the only thing to release the big, ball of tension exploding inside my chest. 

I have become unsure of myself…as depression sinks